Why Protein Shakes For Body Building

In nutrition, proteins are needed for the muscles, bones and other tissues. Normally, a person needs a balanced meal from carbohydrates, fats and protein. For athletes or body builders, they specifically need protein in their diet in order to strengthen their muscles for strength, power and others. Other than eating steaks and other meat products, experts also suggest drinking protein shakes to help in rebuilding, building and making muscles stronger and leaner.

Protein shakes are safe to drink and is recommended by experts especially by athletes after rigorous trainings and workouts. Typically, the body needs about 45 to 55 grams of protein or about 0.75 grams per kilogram per body. Athletes need more than that so drinking protein shake is most beneficial. There are many advantages according to bodybuilding forum like the endurance it brings to athletes drinking protein shakes.

Eating huge amount of meat can make the body feel heaving and tired but with protein shakes, the glycogen lost during trainings or workouts are lost so these are replaced after the exercise by drinking protein shakes. It is also essential in the bodybuilding process since these types of shakes repairs and damages the muscles. Additionally, it makes the muscles stronger and leaner and for those people undergoing hardcore training like running and bodybuilding, these shakes can save them from muscle straining.

Protein shakes do not only contain protein. It is also packed with other nutrients that will help the body develop areas like muscles and bones. It also has carbohydrates which help in giving energy. There are also ample amounts of fats which is essential in the body as well. But for those who want to lose weight and at the same time building their muscles, they can instead choose protein shakes which have “slim fast” in their labels.  But between the two, there is a greater demand for the smoothies which has carbohydrate contents especially after every workout.

Interestingly, there are different sources of protein shakes available in 3 different types and can be chosen by many. The Casein protein is a protein in milk and is stored in the body for a long time. This type slowly absorbed in the body. This is suggested to be taken before going to bed or as a food replacement in certain diets.  The Whey protein is the fast-absorbing one and is stored inside the body for a shorter period of time. For those undergoing workouts and training, this should be taken by them. Lastly, soy protein if not found in milk but in the plant. This has antioxidants which help in avoiding problems like cancers or cardiovascular ones. For those middle aged women, they can take soy-protein shakes in order to reduce the signs and symptoms of menopause.

When searching online, there are tons of recipes dished out in order to make protein shakes more interesting. Mocha Shake, chocolate peanut butter supreme, German chocolate cake, frozen chocolate banana, ultra oatmeal, power fudge: vanilla or chocolate, banana cheerio quickfast, strawberry nut shake, plum ice shake and many others are just samples of protein shake recipes found on the internet.

Although shakes and smoothies seem enticing and delicious, there are still other people that either want or don’t want a specific texture or consistency.  For instance, they don’t think their protein shake has achieved its creaminess. To solve that problem, they can instead use shakes with higher fat content or some sugar-free pudding. Others don’t want their shake to be too thick; they can instead add guar gum and other commercial and artificial sweeteners. Lastly, for those who wants their shake to be more chocolatey, or have more vanilla, they can always squeeze in a few drops of vanilla extractor add a cocoa powder or chocolate syrups.