Upright Vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are commonly used across homes for their multiple benefits. They are easy to use, light in weight and also economical. Studies have suggested that upright vacuum cleaners are the preferred choice of people in various countries of the world because it offers ease of use and they are the best choice for cleaning carpets and rugs. Almost all brands of upright vacuum cleaners have a similar design that is, the motor and suction head are put in the same unit and the user has to push the device to the front for effective cleaning.

Upright vacuum cleaners are also cheaper than other types. They use motorized brushes which are helpful in cleaning thick carpets. One does not have to bend while cleaning floors unless they need to use the hose attachment. The transition from carpets to floors can be controlled using feet .It is easy to store and does not occupy much space.

Best upright Vacuum cleaners

Some of the best upright vacuum cleaners that are currently available in the market are

Shark Navigator Lift – Away professional – This is the most preferred upright vacuum cleaner available today. It is economically priced, has a smart design and is very efficient. The device provides the option to detach the canister when you wish to clean some hard to reach areas like under the furniture etc. The machine weighs just 13.7 pounds which makes it easier to carry across the house. It works on the basis of Anti allergen complete seal technology and it makes use of HEPA filter to clean around 99% of dust particles on the floor and carpets.

Eureka Airspeed Unlimited Rewind Bagless Upright vacuum cleaner – This vacuum cleaning device has a long cord which automatically winds up at the push of a button. It has a on/off brush roll which comes in handy when cleaning carpets or hard floors. It has a plastic cup which collects dusts and it is washable. This makes it the best choice as there are no cumbersome dust bags to clean after every use. It also has a built in allergen filter which cuts the amount of dust swirling around a house.

Bissell 9595A Vacuum with One – Pass – Corded – The corded upright vacuum cleaner from Bissell is a great choice for people who are on a tight budget. Its unique brush design makes it efficient enough to pick up dirt and debris from the floor and carpets making use of its unique suction mechanism. It has a turbo brush tool for use on stairs, furniture and upholstered items.