Top 3’s Business Card’s says You are what your business card is. Today, everything has advanced but exchanging business cards with associates never go out of fad. Actually, it’s not just a fad or something you have to brag about. There are many reasons why you need to have one during client meet-ups and other business meetings. Some of the reasons are:

  1. To show your identity.

You might ask that you have your company ID worn and why in the world you will need a business card. Let me answer that with another question: Can the person you’ll be meeting with take your ID and keep it for future reference? Of course not. You will need to give them your business card so they can easily contact you.

  1. It’s a courtesy gesture.

This is true especially if you are selling or offering your services. I don’t have the figures but statistic says that it is more likely that you’ll be able to close a deal if you have a business card with you.

  1. To show your sincerity.

Just like my first statement, you represent your business or your company. Being able to provide a business card with complete details proves your sincerity in dealing with them.

Now that we’ve identified some reasons why a business card is needed, it’s time to consider placing an order. Since this is for business purposes and not some kind of personal cards, you also need to consider some guidelines:

  1. Be careful with the design.

Make it corporate looking. Do not use bold colors and design. Nothing beats a plain white business card with your contact details on it. Whether light or dark colored, choose plain ones. Avoid too many designs that destruct your partner from seeing your contact details. Do not forger to include the company logo. It’s not an optional design, it’s a requirement.

  1. More than the design is the content.

That’s the purpose of having a business card anyway. So ensure that you include your complete details. A perfect format starts with the name, then the designation, followed by the office address, email address, and the contact number.

  1. Does it have the right size?

It depends on what type of business card you have. The classic ones must be 85mm by 55mm. So before considering your designs and contents, settle on the size first. Here’s a tip: a card that fits a wallet will be best. This is to ensure that your card will not be disposed elsewhere.

Once you have all of these, it’s time to roll on business meetings. You can now be confident representing your company. Make sure you won’t lack stocks of it. Create a batch order if you can. If not, go for scheduled ordering. What’s important is you must keep your business card coming without you calling the supplier from time to time. Ordering may slip your mind once you start meeting clients and business partners. The next thing you know is you have nothing in your portfolio.