The Best Experiences of Indonesia Travel

Indonesia is one of the largest island country in the world. It has many attractive places which you have never seen before. It is a country of islands and among them only few islands are occupied by the people. If you are in search of the place of hidden gems and you want to explore the natural beauty, then Indonesia is the best choice. Since in many islands there are no inhabitants, we will get a chance to explore the hidden beauty of the place.

Since we are talking about Indonesia, first place which strikes our mind is Bali. As all of we know, Bali is known for its natural beauty and the experience of visiting this place are really amazing. It’s a natural boon to Indonesia, which gives a peace of mind to the visitors because of its calm and breathtaking landscape. The friendly nature of the localites is one of the reason for a greater number of visitors to the place. Nothing can beat the natural landscape and the beauty of Bali. The visitors can get to know about the cultural life of the localites, colorful festivals which they celebrate and not the least it also have cuisines which serves the finger licking dishes.

You may get surprised if I say, there are many other places in Indonesia to explore and they too own fascinating beauty. Indonesia is a hub of attractions and there are many beaches which gives a heavenly feel and it is a perfect place to enjoy the vacations by giving a break to the hectic life. The people of Indonesia are kind and they behave very friendly with the visitors, which makes the travel experiences even better. The local people used to play the games like during their free time and it is also one of the attraction to the visitors of Indonesia.

Pagatimun is a beach which is being called as hidden beach, because it is harder to reach the place and the local people are very less in that region. It is a place where the people can experience relaxation in a better way when compared to all other places over the globe. Bunaken is a marine beach known for scuba diving and here we can explore various marine species and wide variety of coral reefs. Because of plenty of adventurous destinations, natural beauty and friendly people, the country is regarded as the best tourist destination.