Strategies To Improve MES Performance In Complex Manufacturing


Complex manufacturers are anxious to keep their manufacturing plants at high utilization rate, customized projects and limited production products. They combine raw stocks, assemble to order, build to order and  configure to order in same shop floor and they often place heavy constraints on manufacturing system such as MES and ERP system.

Manufacturers are finding effective ways to overcome these challenges by depending on High Performance MES Software to streamline and simplify complex works while increasing collaboration and delivering high quality products. Manufacturing strategies aim to produce customized, complex products to deliver a greater gross margins, yet it carries the cost of process and system integration and outrages amount of time coordinating production, quality and suppliers. Out of many strategies manufacturers are using to gain more profit, below are some common strategies among every manufacturing company.

Reduce manufacturing time by creating great level of collaboration and share details from plant floor to whole factory. Many studies have shown that majority of manufacturer’s who reduced their manufacturing cycle time have seen great collaboration among workers of company. To gain this, you can re architect your MES workflow manually first and automate leads to significant change over time.

Automate work instructions by machine and periodically audit its effectiveness by indexing production quality to results. Advanced quality management can report the contribution to the quality of each machine. This data is highly important for defining custom work instructions. MES system will manage various instructions and provide streamlined approach to apply them for customized orders.

Use 3D modeling to improve work instruction accuracy and reliability while enabling greater scalability of production operation globally. 3D models can generate great leads in production and lessen down confusion during complex production cycles.

Use manufacturing execution systems to scale product and process quality data to MES system. Analytical reporting platform is proving to be effective manufacturing environment. The complex manufacturers are scaling plant level performance including quality performance into wider and more strategic manufacturing system and analytics report system. This in turns provides greater visibility throughout entire process.

All these strategies will ensure you improved performance of MES system. As mentioned beforehand, today most of the manufacturer’s make use of MES system to transform their operations by automating, executing and managing the performance of manufacturing process across their value chain. It is important to use MES system as it provides integration to supply chain, production maintenance, distribution, quality and labor operations.