Natural Weed Killers

People love to grow the different plants in their garden but, they don’t like that unwanted weeds growing and spoiling the look of their garden. So, they are using some noxious chemicals that pollute the air and possibly even the ground water table. They thought only such chemicals can kill those weeds and they will get rid of such weed problem. But there are some effective killers which are entirely organic that can be used to kill such weeds and those killers will biodegrade quickly.

The easiest natural weed killer is actually water and it will kill weeds. The water must be boiling hot before it is applied. This effective method of killing these unwanted weeds works very fast. The weeds will absorb the water into their system and the high temperature will destroy it by killing roots. This is similar to reasons why people are told not to water their desirable plants which are entirely hot.

There are some other types of natural weed killers available in addition to water. They can range from acidic fruit juice to vinegar. To kill the weeds, you should not buy any juice and vinegar directly from a store and use it on weeds, as they are less potent. In order to kill the weeds, the best method involves further distillation of store-bought vinegar or lemon juice. These two weed killers work a lot because of the presence of acetic acid.

Acids are one of the most common weed-killing agents used. Other acids used are sulfuric, nitric, and pelargonic acids. You can find these acids in grapes, apples, and carrots. Vinegar is one of the best weed killers for large areas.

There are different varieties of natural weed killing agents. When you use some compounds made of sulfuric acid or nitric acid, it will improve the ground soil in addition to killing weeds. Sulfuric acid oxidizes easily with any minerals to create sulfates. Hence, became a best fertilizer for plants. Similarly, nitric acid reacts easily with other minerals to form nitrates which is again, an important source of plant nutrition.

Thus, using the above organic chemicals will kill the weeds completely as well as increase the health of lawn and garden. Thus, people don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying noxious chemicals, as organic methods work well to solve problem of weeds. Use natural and organic weed killers to kill the weeds and enhance the growth of desired plants in your garden.