Monitoring Employees With Cell Phone Spy Software

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With the help of spy software, you are not limited to monitor any person but, you are limited only by your imagination. Employee monitoring is popular idea where business owners keep a track on his employees using spy software.

Monitor Employees:

When you are owning a business, there is a great need for employees to work properly during work hours to increase productivity, sales etc. According to a research, almost 60% of the employees use smartphones during work hours and hence, most of them are wasting office hours.

When some business head standing next to an employee, he certainly works fine seeing him. However, you can’t stay all over the day in the office and hence, you are not aware of what your employees are doing. In the year 2010, many business heads used the method of blocking access to social networks on employee’s windows computer to avoid stealing work hours. However, now it does not work with the use of smartphones. Each of your employees having smartphones in their pocket and, they can use it to go online or watch any videos or photos or chat with others. Therefore, business head need to think about how to track employees.

Spy applications are the great tools for surveillance. There is no need to worry about the safety of the target person with spy software. Because, you are going to monitor them at any given moment of time. In order to do this, spy application offer the following functions:

  • Call recording
  • Browser history
  • Social network monitoring
  • Screenshotting

Based on different mobile phone models used by employees, there are different spy applications which will work in compatible with it. Since, most of them are using android phones, there are some best android mobile phone spy software packages available which you can make use of it.

Of course, you cannot simply interfere with the privacy of another person, so there is a need to obtain a consent for monitoring. This can be done by contacting your company’s lawyers to prepare an agreement. Actually, many big companies such as Google and Microsoft track the activities of their workers, which is completely normal even if the workers know that in advance.

There is another advantage of monitoring which helps you to know that your workers are not sharing your secrets with competitors. For this goal, tracking should be undetectable which will allow workers to use the target device freely to communicate with competitors for sharing secrets.

When spying on employees, collect only the needed information and don’t disturb their privacy. Remember that you are not breaking the laws of your country. It seems like a difficult task, but it is very easy to do.