Keep Yourself Busy with CITIBet

So you are getting bore today and are not sure of what to do in your free time that may improves your mood as well, why not try and play various flash games to add spice to your lives; a huge number of online games are available free of cost at many gaming websites. So you just need to switch on your computer or laptop and search for different games available on various sites. I would love to share my experience about an exceptional game called Cubefield. Online betting game would certainly keep you glued with your chair and you would feel hypnotized for hours playing online games.

If you have never played it, let me tell you that you begin as a small prism/ star ship by yourself on a remote planetoid and you are cruising among colorful cubes; you have to move across a giant cluster of cubes while avoiding colliding with any of these. It’s in short, the more you dig in the Cubefield game, you’ll be getting better at the Cubefield game and you’ll notice that it is actually improving your hand to eye coordination slowly and steadily.

Arrow keys are used to play game; no fire keys or missile are used in Cubefield game, you only need to maneuver in high speed among the cubes. You must climb up the difficulties level of game one by one rather than playing at the high level directly. You must win the Cubefield game scoring 999K or even higher, in order to get grates screen coming up and then just write game as your name and you’ll get the advanced version of Cubefield game where things would get hot and tough. The game has a straight forward formula. You have to avoid cubes while moving your prism forward and you earn points for that. You might be feeling that it is quite plain or may not relieve you from boredom; but you would surely be surprised if you start playing game.

Every time you pass a section, the game would get harder, it would get more hasty, the speed would increase with each level and the color scheme would change and become wacky (first level of game has orange/ yellow cubes on grey floor along with white sky; second level game has green outlined cubes making them quite transparent; final color scheme of Cubefield game gives a black and white eye-burning look and many others). If you play the secret levels, your experience would get far better.

In case you are doing extremely well, you have the option to pause by pressing the P key if you have to stop your game for any reason. You may also change the quality of Cubefield game, if it is required.

Cubefield game not only offers fun but it can also be addictive and habit forming in case you want to kill some time while you are getting bored. Cubefield game is a simple, cool, and enjoyable and free flight based game that was developed in 2006 by Max Abernathy and was coded in Macromedia Flash. This is an exclusive game and is 100% about your action plan. While playing Cubefield game, don’t make wild movements rather go in a line as far as possible and little movement would be enough while dodging with the small squares. Cubefield is a challenging game with lots of interesting graphics. You would also be required to squeeze in while crossing tight spots of Cubefield game and series of obstacles has to be navigated through.

Make strategies that may help you score high in Cubefield game like deciding on whether to move left or right.  You must not be changing the plan while playing Cubefield and don’t forget about passing through contracted passage, so be ready and start playing online game.

Online game is not a complex game and even children can play it, no violent action have been placed in game keeping younger ones in mind. Online gaming in fact is suited for people of all age groups. Initially, you might believe that it is corny and archaic but after you start playing Cubefield, you would believe that it provides an enjoyable escape from your hectic schedule.