How To Take Care Of Your Safety Shoes?

Safety Boots are specially designed to protect people in workplace from falling objects, punctures, sharp objects, chemicals and electricity etc. When it comes to durability, safety boots can last between a couple of months and a few years. High Tech Work Boot last for a long time, if you take some special care and maintenance over shoes.

Break in Gradually:

If your boots are brand new, then exercise with patience as they may get break in gradually. It will take some time to get adjust with your activities. So, you should take care of your branded shoes.

Check for Water-Proof:

If your safety boots made from real leather and suede, then check whether it is water-proof. Usually water-based products allow your boots to breathe properly and never attract dirt. They are safer as they don’t contain petroleum which can stretch leather.

Cleaning Regularly:

You should clean your boots regularly. When you clean your boots regularly, boots will last long. You can use a quick scrubber to clean your safety shoes during weekends. All leathers apart from suede cleaned using a Water-based cleaning agent with a nylon brush for leather and pencil eraser for suede.

Conditioning regularly:

Conditioner is important as leather has a tendency of dehydrating easily. Dehydration will be followed by cracks if you are not careful and things like scratches follow also.

Removing Scratches:

Even after using conditioner, there is more chance of getting cracks and scratches in shoes. To avoid those scratches, there are some tips as follows:

Grain Leather:

Clean your boots properly using above conditions and use more conditioner to smooth out scratches. After that dab some white vinegar over scratch and removing those scratches entirely and apply shoe polish.

Patent Leather:

After cleaning your boots using above methods and apply shoe polish. Then, cover entire boot with silicone liquid to get the boot as new one.

Suede Leather:

This is one of the delicate material which can be cleaned using pencil eraser and then conditioning the scratch.

Getting two pairs of boots:

When you are buying work boots, you can buy two pairs of work boots. Because when one pair is wet or other condition, then you can use other pair of boots. You must store your boots in a dry and safe place. Before wearing work boots, it is necessary to clean your boots thoroughly.

When you follow above tips to clean your boots regularly, boots will last long.