How To Remove Skin Tags?

best skin tag removal

Having skin tags do not pose life threatening problems but it looks irritating and can seem uncomfortable when wearing something that is revealing. The problem with skin tags is that others continue to grow and it may rub against the clothes or undergarment since. Sometimes it might grow in the different parts of the body like the armpit, the groin, and eyelids and even in the neck. Because of this, a lot of people want to remove skin tags and there are various options that they can choose from to avoid skin tags from coming back.

One of the famous options to remove skin tags is through going to their dermatologist. The experts exhibit professional ways on how to effectively remove skin tags especially the big ones which cannot be remedied at home. What they do is that they put anesthetic creams first to make the skin numb and later on, when the anesthesia works, some dermatologists cauterize the skin tag or use laser to properly remove the skin tag.

But for less severe cases or for small skin tags, there are other options that can be managed at home. These methods are simple to do and it is safe. Add that reviews proved that these home methods are also painless and easy to do.

  • Fingernail polish

Who knew that fingernail polish can be used to remove skin tags? All they have to do is put the polish on the affected skin about thrice each day. Then they will soon discover that the skin tag will fall off.

  • Scissors

It can be used to remove skin tags b y just simply cutting it. It won’t take one go for the skin tag to come off. Sometimes, skin tags that bleeds may take a few days to heal the pain when cutting off the skin tags.

  • Dental floss

By simply tying the dental floss or by using very thin strings can be beneficial in removing the skin tag. All they need to do is to tie it and left is there for a few days. With that, the blood supply going to the skin tag is lessened causing it to fall off. If it happens, putting antibacterial creams are necessary to avoid infection of the removed skin tags area.

  • Baking soda and castor oils

These two make a good pair when wanting to remove skin tags. By mixing the two, together, it forms a paste and can be placed on the skin tags every now and then to kill the skin tags and slough if off the skin.