How to get free Bitcoin while doing nothing

If all of the cryptocurrency boom is making you impatient to invest in Bitcoins, but you currently do not have the capital to do any investment, then do not despair. There are several ways to earn Bitcoins  free. There are certain methods online following which you can earn some extra income in the form of free Bitcoins. Ever since the Bitcoin technology came into being, many companies have started ventures through which they are giving away a small amount of Bitcoins to newbies. Let us have a look at some of the ways to do it – This is a website that has been around for a long time. It is also one of the highest paying companies out there. Through several Bitcoin companies launch surveys and other tasks. If a user happens to take part in these surveys, he gets paid with Bitcoins. On completing the surveys successfully, users get rewarded anywhere between $0.10 to $10 which is a highly attractive proposition even for regular Bitcoin users. The website also sends out paid offers for doing copywriting jobs, blogging etc. through which you can earn some bucks.

Exchanges and trading platforms – Most of the online exchanges offer certain economic incentives for its members if they happen to refer others to invest in an exchange. Also some exchanges provide you with a certain commission if the person you referred buys or sells some Bitcoins. This commission is paid through the trading fees which your referral pays when performing a Bitcoin transaction. Some of the platforms that offer this kind of schemes are Bitfinex, SimpleFX, Local Bitcoins, Coinbase, Coinmate, Whaleclub, Changelly etc.

Dice games and Faucets – These were one of the first methods followed to introduce Bitcoins to beginners in its initial days. You have to just enter your Bitcoin Wallet address and once you happen to accumulate certain Bitcoins, you will be able to receive some tens to even hundreds of satoshis most of the times. Most of the times, these faucets have advertisements as their chief source of funds .If more number of people click on them, you will get more Bitcoins. Some faucets also reward you with Bitcoins when play a certain game like rolling a dice.

Products and Services – Using this method you can earn Bitcoins by promoting other businesses. This method makes use of Affiliate marketing, which has emerged as a lucrative business option across the globe.