Herbal Supplements – Growing Consumer Demand

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Herbal supplements are the medicines prepared from the plants and herbs to treat several diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies. They are included in the dietary supplement category, though they impart only small amounts of nutrients.

Satisfactory scientific validation of many herbs used in herbal supplements:

New advances in science and research are proving that many herbs can be used to treat several diseases. For example: Omega 3 fatty acids are now recommended under a doctor’s guidance by the American Health Association for patients who suffer from cardiovascular health disorders. Antioxidants like resveratrol and the antioxidants that are found in Green tea and cocoa have gained popularity as it is proved by a scientific research to treat several diseases. Antioxidants help to protect the body itself from free radical damage and for enhancing skin health, especially for protection against UVA and UVB. Antioxidants also are used to provide anti-aging benefits. Beta-sitosterol is another supplement used by men to support prostate health. Doctors in America are now recommending this herbal medicine to treat the prostate disorders as well as to treat BPH.

A Growing Dissatisfaction with Conventional Treatment:

Most of the people wanted to cure the disease without getting any side-effects. Thus, they are not satisfied with the conventional treatment which are costly and having side-effects too. People are shifting to the use of herbal supplements which are harmless and not much costly as conventional medicines.

An Educated Public:

People are educating themselves on health issues and the role of nutrition, diet, herbs and exercise in order to cure major health conditions such as digestive and cardiovascular problems. Thus, they started to buy ayurvedic medicines by considering its advantage.

More People are turning Health-Conscious:

People wanted to live a healthier lifestyle which is more common nowadays. According to research, there is steep rise in the diet and weight loss methods followed by people with the use of supplements.

More Herbal Supplements Specifically Targeted to Current Major Health Concerns, Demographics and Gender.

Then number of herbal supplements that are formulated specifically for men, women and children are the rising trend. People wanted to have a healthy life by adding herbal supplements to their daily routine food. With herbal supplements, people are experiencing positive health benefits. With much research substantiating their claims and fewer side effects, it is obvious that herbal supplements are meeting the health challenges of today.