Denture repair

Dentures like every other man made dental appliance requires frequent repairs. If the denture is worn for a long time, it is susceptible to more repairs according to doctors. A denture is subjected to constant wear and tear as you will be chewing a variety of foods wearing dentures on a regular basis. This constant chewing and biting can cause micro fractures which can alter the material of the denture. This effect is more noticeable in people whose upper and lower jaws do not align properly.

Sometimes dentures fall down and the resulting force can break the denture either fully or partially. Dentists advice not to use the broken dentures but to get it repaired .Dentures can be easily repaired owing to advances in technology. They do not burn a hole in your [pocket with the costs like other dental procedures as well. Also dentures that are worn for a longer duration become thin making them susceptible to wear and tear. Also dentures with uneven bite are more prone to breakage .Also if a certain denture has a worn out or broken teeth it can increase pressure over the entire denture making it susceptible for breakage. All this if left untreated can make it harmful to the gums and bones in the oral cavity.

The process of repairing a denture is called relining or basing and the process can be easily performed in a dentist’s office if you visit the doctor early and not much alteration is required. On the other hand, if the denture is more damaged, it will be sent to a dental laboratory and this can take some time to get the denture repaired.

To prevent frequent repairs of dentures, a person wearing it should be careful enough not to drop it on the floor. It is a good idea to place a towel or a soft cloth underneath the denture while washing it in the sink. If you notice even a minor dent in the denture, visit the dentist immediately to get it repaired.