Dental implants cantilever bridges

Dental implants have emerged as the most favoured option for lost or missing teeth. Many people across the world have benefitted from the procedure since its invention prior to the usage of dental implants, dentures were the only available course of treatment. Even the dentures were not as evolved as they have today. This led people to face multiple difficulties.

Dentures were easily noticeable .It took a long time for a person to get adjusted to dentures. They were no way close to natural teeth. Sometimes, dentures had to be replaced frequently owing to several issues which could prove costlier. Dental implants on the other hand are a better alternative. For one they are embedded inside the jaw making it feel like natural teeth itself .People wearing dental implants did not face speech issues or problems while chewing hard foods which were common enough with dentures.

One should undergo a surgery while getting dental implants .It is not a complicated procedure but not very simple either. Dental implant bridges are used to replace one or many teeth. But sometimes it so happens that the bone in the area would have worn out due to an accident or age. In such cases implants have to be placed where there is a good bone. In such cases cantilever bridges are used. People are generally aware of cantilever bridges in real life. These aid in the construction of bridges across rivers in real life

Applying the same concept to the dental implant procedure, a traditional bridge, which is the most common of the dental bridges, has the pontic in the centre of the bridge with a crown on either side. It’s designed to fit over the two adjacent teeth, which are called abutment teeth. But in some cases, abutment teeth are not available on both sides of the gap. Hence there does not exist enough support for the bridge .Cantilever bridge can come handy to solve this problem

Cantilever bridges can support fake tooth from one end just like a cantilever. This is however not possible with a conventional bridge. Cantilever uses the same number of crowns as a normal bridge but the design of the layout differs.