Definition of Yoga and its Origin

Yoga is an ancient medical practice which controls both the mind and body. It has many disciplines and in India it is in existence from many centuries. If you practice doing yoga as a regular habit you can definitely find a good result in your complete body health as well as mind. The word yoga has originated from the Sanskrit word Yuja, means to wind up. Through yoga it is possible to connect our mind and body. There are many forms of yoga like Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Raja yoga and Jnana yoga. There is no major difference among these types of yoga forms except the base like, in Jnana yoga knowledge is the base and in Bhakti yoga devotion is the base.

The main aim of doing yoga is to achieve self-control, self-improvement and spiritual knowledge. All the above said system of yoga’s are the same except the way we choose to achieve the enlightenment. The most used form of yoga is Hatha yoga. The two main elements of Hatha yoga are asana’s and pranayama.

Asana is securing body posture and holding it for some time according to person’s ability. If we practice yoga with proper rules, definitely it offers some physical and intellectual benefits. Asana is all about stabilizing the negative principles of our body and mind. It also helps us to come out of laziness. Each Asana is having its own importance like better hormonal secretion, acquiring concentration and obtaining relaxed mind.

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Pranayama is a way of getting the balance over cognitive disturbances as well as physical health. It is all about controlling the breath and sustaining it for little span. The word Prana refers to breath and Ayama refers to controlling or prolongate. The main benefit of doing pranayama is to get mental stability and preventing the illness by breath control. So, Yoga is all about controlling the mind. Concentration plays a major role and yoga without meditation is incomplete. Because meditation is the only way to acquire concentration.