Coffee Grinder Vs Blender

Coffee grinder and blender are two of the common household appliances. Most people are of the opinion that both of these are one and the same. But it is not the case as both of them perform different actions. In simple words, a coffee grinder is used to grind something into a powder. A blender on the other hand is used to blend or mix two substances together.

In case of a coffee grinder, mixing is done by powdering the substances. A blender on the other hand only combines two substances and does not grind or powder them. Grinder can be used for both dry and wet substances. Whatever you put it will grind them into a fine powder. Blender is suitable for mixing or blending two dry substances. Two different types of coffee seeds can be blended together once they are powdered by a grinder. A blender is usually used to mix items that are of the same type such as rice, coffee or tea.

A blender will usually comprise of a sharpened stainless steel blade which spins at high speed. You can control the appearance of the end product. A blender can be usually considered to be the cheapest machine that makes your coffee beans into a usable size in order to prepare filter coffee. It is quite noisy, has an inconsistent particle size, you end up with non uniform sized particles. Results depend on how you operate it.

A coffee grinder will consist of a stationary and another rotating ceramic disc. Smaller the space between the discs better is the quality of the final product. It has a consistent particle size which in turn means consistent results. You will get the same consistent result each time when you grind the coffee. It has a reasonable price tag. Grinding can be noisy. Also the machine can get hot, if one uses it to grind large quantities.