Can you watch movies online for free

Internet has become quite affordable these days. This has made it possible to watch movies online for free. You no longer have to visit a theatre to see a movie. Everyone knows that watching movies in theatres has become a costly affair these days. Moreover one should stand in long queues to purchase tickets. All these can be quite taxing and can take a toll. People no longer have time to do all this. Nowadays everyone has a busy schedule which makes it difficult to follow the process

There exists a solution to this however. Internet has made it possible to enjoy movies online for free or at a price Initially many paid sites used to offer movies. But now you can also watch movies for free. Even though it is not possible to watch the latest flicks for free, you can watch a whole range of movies including classics and some of the best movies in several languages for free online. Some of the free online sites ask you to register using email id and phone number. It is best to avoid such sites so that you can avoid getting scammed.

There are many websites which allow you to watch movies for free. These are

Moviewatcher – This comprises of a list of some of the most acclaimed and exceptional movies. The website is well organised and allows you to filter movies on the basis of the actors, genre, year and rating. The homepage also displays some of the most favoured movies o0f all times. – This is another wonderful site where you can watch a great collection of movies. It has a search box, where you can enter the name of the movie you wish to watch and view the same. The process takes just a few minutes.

Crackle – This is another popular movie site which has a great collectio0n of some of the most preferred movies and television shows also. The website can be accessed on various devices .It does not ask you for a registration. This website however features ads in between movies, so one should be prepared for it. You can however save some movies as favourites, get recommendations etc. using this site.

Hoopla- This works as a library. In the sense, you can get access to this site, if your library has partnered with the site. On borrowing a movie from this site, you will get 72 hours to watch the same .After which you can return the movie back to the library.