Best digital frames

Photo frames these days are available in multiple colors and shapes. They are also quite cheap and help people to revive their memories by putting photographs. But the major drawback of using traditional photo frames is that one can display only one photo at a time. But due to the usage of digital cameras, people these days have an abundance of photos unlike older times. Hence they are on the lookout for a better option even though photo frames are quite appealing to the average human eye. Digital frame is the answer to this. These digital frames are available in multiple brands and ecommerce sites these days are flooded with them.

By using a wifi digital frame from, one can see a series of photos arranged in a particular format without any manual intervention. They have in built memory and some of the digital frames can store close to thousand photos at once. The device is powered up using a power cord or a set of rechargeable batteries. Some of the best digital frames are

  • Nix Advance – This digital frame is available in 8-, 10-, 12- 15- and 18.5- inch options. It has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and an IPS panel which provides great viewing angles. It has an inbuilt motion sensor as well which detects movement in a room and switches the device on and off accordingly. The frame also has a USB port and a SD card reader for easier transfer of images
  • Pix – Star – This digital frame has a resolution of 1024×768.A LCD display screen with bright LED backlight is the highlight of this digital frame. You can plug in a device through the USB drive or make use of a SD card reader to transfer photos to or from this digital frame. Also if you have a wifi connection, you can send the pictures directly to the wifi frame.
  • Nixplay Seed – This is one of the best premium quality digital frame that is available in the market currently. It comes with an IPS panel whose main function is to offer wide viewing angles. A motion sensor is also embedded in the device which aids in detection of movements. You can sync the storage of this frame to five frames if you have a big house and have many digital frames. Furthermore, the device offers 10GB of cloud storage for your photos. Seed is available in attractive colours like Blue, Black, Mango and Mulberry. It is able store pictures or receive them in the JPEG and PNG formats.
  • Nixplay Iris – This digital frame is apt for those folks who like a bit of traditional look. This digital frame is available in burnished bronze, silver and peach copper colours with a metallic finish. The device is however not suitable to play videos, but one can send photos over Wi- fi. Through this frame, you can also access photos from some of the popular cloud storage and social media sites. The device also provides access to around 10GB worth of cloud storage space. The Iris is compatible with JPEG and PNG file types.