Best crypto portfolio tracker

Portfolio tracker:

Portfolio tracker is a system that keeps track of collections of all digital currencies. Many mobile apps and websites developed in 2018 to track all cryptocurrency portfolios on exchanges and wallets. Usage of these tracking app involves potential risk that the people are unaware about that.

Top 5 Best crypto portfolio tracker:

Cointracking is a powerful web app and tool to track our crypto portfolio on exchange or wallet. Cointracking is best among several portfolio apps as it is easy to use and provides both API support and public address support. Cointracking has the dashboard which clearly shows the profit/loss of trades and an overview it gives is very useful. It actually supports more than 4000 digital currencies and tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Bitshares, Golem, Dogecoin, Augur, IOTA, Monero, Cardano, and many more. It has some list of views which displays overall information of trading such as summary view, gains view, charts view and balance view etc.


Some traders feel altpocket, the gem of a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker site. Automatically do import of all our trades using the API keys on exchanges like bittrex and poloniex. So there is no need of giving manual inputs and doing computations. Altpocket investments page keeps track of information about adding investments, removing investments, selling, etc. Even user profile displays all investments that the trader made. So by just adding API keys trader will get all import functionalities, can verify transactions and investments.


This delta available as a mobile app which makes trader easy to use. It is available as mobile-only cryptocurrency tracker. Most of the users like the user interface feature of delta. The main information of trader is total profit and earnings and that get displayed at the top of screen in bold letters in delta app. It will track both the portfolio coins as well as coins added in the watch list. Here trader can easily switch to many coins to know which is gaining and which is losing. Trader can information about a coin by simply clicking on it as it shows candlestick chart which is very useful to make investments.


Its headquarters is in London and provides mobile cryptocurrency services with the global coverage of around 30 fiat currencies. It actually supports more than 50 exchanges like Coinbase, Bittrex, Bithumb, Kraken, Poloniex, Binance, Coinone, Bitfinex etc. For an individual currency, trader can able to get detailed information of price and market in all one place. Blockfolio used if the trader wants basic coin tracking information.

Google sheets:

For the trader who have knowledge and experience on basic spreadsheet application will find google sheets cryptotracker convenient one. Google sheets is easily adaptable and customizable tool for cryptocurrency analysis. It uses CRYPTOFINANCE() function to get the overall information using coinmarketcap API. To know only the bitcoin exchange rate trader can make use of GOOGLEFINANCE() function. Advantage is that using API trader can make their own graphs/charts but its difficult and cumbersome if the sheet becomes large with many data especially while using on mobile.

Other crypto portfolio trackers:

Above trackers are mostly versatile as well as easy to track our cryptocurrencies. Some other trackers which are available in cryptocurrency market are coingecko, lionshare,, cryptocompare,, etc. Some of these trackers works on desktop and others used as mobile application.