Benefits of EMT/EMS Boots

Why EMS Boots?

EMS Boots are essential piece of equipment in emergency medical services. Almost every medical service company provide their technicians, EMS boots and it has to be worn for sure by EMS technicians. For organizations working in paramedical field, it is vital to protect the technicians from unnecessary and avoidable accidents that may even lead to death.

Benefits of Safety boots:

Protect from Pathogens:

EMS boots are specially designed to provide safety from pathogens and blood-borne diseases. Some of the most common blood-borne pathogens are Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis B (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV) etc. Bloodborne Pathogens can be transmitted when blood or body fluid from an infected person enters another person’s body via needle-sticks, human bites, cuts, abrasions, or through mucous membranes. Thus, EMS boots protect EMS technicians to be safe from such infectious diseases.

Protect from Weather Conditions:

EMS boots are specially designed to tolerate all type of weather conditions. Most of the emergency service providers have to work in cold weather conditions. In such situation to avoid any problem like skidding or accidents, EMS boots are designed with water-proof feature. Such boots have breathability feature which is the ability to let out heat and sweat. Thus, water-proof is interconnected with breathability feature.

Protect from hazards:

Your EMS boots should protect the top of your feet and your toes. Accidents can happen at any scenes to you as well as your patients and, if your colleagues run a stretcher over your foot then, a burly firefighter stands on your toes and you will be good to see your foot protected from such hazard. For these reasons, many employers recommend, or insist, that you wear steel-toed shoes or boots. Typically, you won’t be allowed to wear open toed shoes and, in some cases allowed to wear shoes with soft tops like sneakers.

Make Your Feet Comfortable:

You may be spending a lot of your working time in EMS, as by walking and even running. The job can be hard on your feet. It will be good to make your job much easier, when your shoes give you the most comfortability. You’ll be miserable if they don’t fit, and, although your training will be useful if you have to treat your own blisters, that probably wasn’t why you took the job. If your shoes are not fitting properly, this may also lead to serious long-term problems such as arthritis.

Thus, EMS shoes are a necessary invention, that helps to protect EMS technicians from all hazards that may happen in their workplace.