Benefits of Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry will help you in smiling better. It basically comprises of procedures and treatments that can improve the appearance of the smile and can enhance the beauty of your teeth. Some of the aesthetic dental procedures comprise of teeth whitening, fillings, crowns or veneers, implants, cosmetic bonding and even Orthodontic treatments. These aesthetic dental procedures not only beautify the smile, but they also help in improving the overall health of the teeth. Most of the dentists these days are well versed in performing cosmetic dental procedures. Some of the aesthetic dental procedures that are performed in a dentist’s clinic are

Teeth Whitening – Teeth tends to lose its natural enamel and colour with age and their appearance largely gets affected due to surface stains that are obtained from the use of tobacco products or consumption of certain foodstuffs and other drinks such as red wind, coffee or tea. Self confidence of some people gets affected due to discoloured teeth and they do not like to smile or speak for the fear of exposing their teeth. Teeth whitening procedure can benefit them greatly as they will improve the smile of a person by providing him with flawless white teeth.

Orthodontics – For some people, tooth will be crooked or their will be spaces between their teeth or wisdom teeth pain. This will affect their smile and it will also lead to dental problems and tooth loss over the course of time. Orthodontic treatments are quite helpful in such cases. Braces are used in such cases to correct the orientation of the teeth. These braces will put pressure on the teeth causing them to get into a straight or symmetrical position over the course of time. Nowadays, it is possible for people of all ages to benefit from the treatment due to braces. It will improve the aesthetic appeal of a person and can also enhance the beauty of his smile.

Dental crowns – Dental crowns are used to cover the natural teeth in case, natural teeth has suffered significant damage due to an accident or trauma. Crowns can restore the strength, function and form of a tooth. Several types of dental crowns are available in the market these days. Among them, ceramic or porcelain crowns are w9dely used as they create the appearance of natural teeth. Crowns will blend in with your natural teeth and can improve the overall aesthetics of a person.

Veneers – Veneers are basically used to improve the aesthetic appeal and the smiles of a natural person.They are basically pieces of porcelain that are fitted to the frontal portion of teeth.