Basic Skin care

Skin is the outermost layer of the human body. It is the largest organ that covers the entire body. Experts say that a person’s skin can speak volumes about his or her health. Maintaining a good and healthy skin is essential for survival. The health of the skin depends on numerous factors. Skin can sometimes give a glimpse of the diseases that are troubling the human body. One should develop healthy habits right from their childhood to get healthy and glowing skin. Some of the basic skin care tips that can aid in keeping one’s skin healthy and beautiful are

Cleaning and Moisturizing – One should wash their skin twice daily; once in the morning and again at night. After washing, one should use a toner which can remove even small traces of dirt, oil and make up that can harm the skin if left for a long time. In the next step, one should moisturize their skin. It is essential to moisturize irrespective of the skin type.

Limit Sun Exposure – It has been found that most skin cancers result due to an exposure to the sun. The exposure to Ultraviolet or UV radiation may cause wrinkles, discoloration, freckles, age spots, seborrheic keratoses and cancerous growths. To prevent all these, one should prevent exposure or limit their exposure between 10AM and 2 PM every day. It is also good to wear a sunscreen lotion which has a SPF of 30 or greater. One should also cover the most areas if they go out at these times.

Professional Help – Consult a dermatologist or a professional skin expert at the local saloon if you are facing any skin problems like acne, rashes etc.

Self Screening – One should be aware of every part of his or her skin. They should seek medical help immediately on noticing any imperfections or discoloured moles as they may indicate cancerous growth sometimes.

Greens – Greens are found to be great for the skin. So one should incorporate green juices in their diet .One should avoid caffeine as it can make the skin dry. Drinking adequate quantities of water is also essential for getting that radiant glow

Healthy Diet – One should maintain a healthy diet comprising of food stuffs that have a high glycemic index. Flax seeds and Wlanuts are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which helps the skin in retaining moisture. Also one should not touch his or her face with fingers. Fingers have bacteria which cause acne breakouts, wrinkles and even scarring. By keeping these tips in mind, one can get beautiful skin.