Award winning toys for five year olds

Kids across the world love to play with toys. It is important to choose the best one according to the needs of the child. Toys help in all round development and are particularly important in brain development.These days numerous toys are available in the market and there are exist customized toys for people of different age groups. Some of the awards winning Best childrens toys for five year old kids are

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood Game – The game of Angry Birds is now vastly popular as a video game. But parents these days are trying for ways to keep their kid away from video games or computer based games. This is where the toy comes into picture. Four players on the other hand can join together and play this board game. It can limit the kids exposure to technology and will help them to bond better with family.

ZURU Bunch O Ballooons – It is the dream of every kid to play with water filled balloons. Using this toy, you will be able to fill 100 balloons in a matter of sixty seconds. You also get 300 biodegradable balloons along with this toy. It is a great game for parties. The balloons are available in different colours and packs as well.

Mini Emergency 3 pack – Many readymade toy cars are available in the market. Kids will get bored of them easily. Instead you can gift them this set through which they get a chance to mix and match the parts of cars and their colors as well.

Swurfer Original tree swing with skateboard – Instead of providing kids with a swing, you can gift them a skateboard swing which also provides them with the much needed exercise. It helps kids in gaining confidence about themselves. The swing is also very easy to install.