An Intelligence Quotient Of Stephen Hawking

Stephan William Hawking was a renowned theoretical physicist who have contributed much to the World of Science. He was attacked with very serious disease in his early 20’s, despite of all the odds Stephan continued to work. With the progress in disease’s disabling effects Hawking never left himself back. Hawking took an IQ test when he got to know about the dreadful disease he was caught with.

Stephen Hawking is seen as a world’s smartest person but he never revealed his IQ score. Many people still get into debate that hawking have never taken any IQ test. In an interview, Hawking was questioned what his IQ is? Hawking gave an abrupt reply like “ I have no idea. The people who boast about their IQ are losers.”

No one knows the exact IQ of Hawking but some research says that the IQ of Stephen Hawking is 160 similar as Albert Einstein. This makes him as one of the smartest person in the World. This IQ result of Hawking will never matter, everyone in this world knows how much Hawking have dedicated himself to physics. The IQ of Hawking can be easily determined by all his works and researches that he has given despite of his physical challenges.

Some of the great research of Hawking includes cosmology, the large scale structure of Space and time, 2nd law of black hole dynamics and Hartle Hawking State. With all these notable researches, Hawking have received many awards throughout his career in physical science. Hawking always believed that there is another intelligent life outside the planet earth. This statement was made into a cover story on number of channels.

Hawking was never a person to think small, his main aim was to understand the global space completely. It is not a mistake if one considers hawking as a smartest person in world, there is no doubt in it. Yet there are many people in the world who have scores high scores in IQ tests. Many people often tend to take up the IQ tests to check out their smartness. IQ is an attempt to measure the intelligence of a person but IQ is confused with various factors like memory, Knowledge and wisdom.